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Google Ads Appearance

Where do ads appear and what do they look like?

Ads in Search Results

Search ads appear on the results page when a customer searches for relevant keywords. They may show on the top or bottom of the search results page depending on ad rank and max bid. Google ads are differentiated by a green rectangle that reads “Ad.” They may also appear in the sidebar alongside search results.

Search Ad Appearance with Extensions

When Search ads appear, the header and description may be accompanied by a number of ad extensions meant to provide a customer with more information and encourage more clicks. This may be linked to popular, high converting pages on-site, a phone number, or a location extension.

Shopping Ads Appearance

Shopping ads appear when a customer is searching for a particular product. In order to run shopping ads, you must have the ability to deliver. A shopping ad contains the price, an image of the product, and the name of the vendor.

Display Ad Appearance

Google display ads can appear anywhere on Google’s Display Network, which consists of over 2 million sites across the web. Display ads consist of responsive banners. These banners appear in a number of different aspect ratios. Each responsive banner is optimized for a particular location on a web page. Also, these ads are optimized for a web page’s unique design.

Author: Haley Sheehan


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