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Take Your Business Out To The Ballgame

Whether it’s Relay for Life, Red Ribbon Week, a local Little League, or Dance Studio, most communities have at least one large event or community team in need of sponsors.  Community events and special local programs are the perfect opportunities to participate both personally and as a business.  Becoming more involved in the community will give you additional marketing avenues to promote your business and online presence.

Community involvement can help your business grow because it promotes trust, builds solid relationships, and puts a personal face on your business.  When people trust you personally, they will likely trust you as a business partner.  When you are known in the community, you are more than just a business, you are a real person who is a member of the community.

Sponsor a local sports team in your community.  As a sponsor, your business name can be associated with the team and can be printed on the jerseys, billboard, or banner in the outfield or in a program pamphlet or brochure.  By stamping your brand with your logo and web address, in the community, you develop brand awareness, reach a variety of target markets, and impact customers at a minimal cost.  At these special events, you can give out t-shirts with your business’ information and URL.  You can even reach out to a wide variety of customers through print and your website community by promoting these local events that you are sponsoring.

Sponsorship offers businesses a variety of ways to reach out to their target audiences while receiving recognition for having a positive impact on the community.

So the next time you attend your son’s little league game, your daughter’s dance recital, or your grandchildren’s soccer game, take a look around and start building these important relationships.  Community is always about people. Enjoy being a part of the community.  When you are sincere about community involvement, you might be surprised at how much your business will benefit and how fast it will grow.  Who knows, you might even enjoy coaching 🙂

Author: Francesca Halberg

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